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It is our aspiration to make it a fulfilling experience for a child who becomes a member of the Magnifique family.


Was established in the year 2001 with a vision to impart value based education to the students.

In Magnifique, we seek to provide a stimulating, vibrant and colorful atmosphere where education transcends mere learning into meaningful fun, creating happy and confident individuals who are empowered in every aspect – physical, mental, emotional and social.

We aspire to ensure that our students embark on a journey of empowerment by joining hands with parents, teachers and the community such that they grow up to have an identity of their own, and they are not mere shadows of their important others. We believe that life is not just about paper certificates. But, it is an individual's ability to perform in life that makes them successful. Hence, we encourage them to master life skills.

In order to bring about a fuller development of the child's personality, considerable emphasis is laid on intra-mural and extra-curricular activities. Particular care is taken to ensure that shy and diffident children participate actively in various Inter-House and Inter-School competitions, which form an integral part of school life in Magnifique.

We endeavor to see that our students acquire a broad range of skills, a love for learning, tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others and basic values of honesty, perseverance and punctuality. It is our aspiration to make it a fulfilling experience for a child who becomes a member of the Magnifique family, one who is confident of taking change as an opportunity rather than a threat. Indeed a proud moment, for the child and the school, when he leaves us to be his own person and to lead a life which is purposeful, positive and constructive.


Magnifique English School, develops a social and academic climate that gives students a strong feeling of belonging; students feel proud of their school, feel they belong; feel they are wanted and nurtured by the school.

The school pays special attention to the needs of students with learning difficulties through sustained attention provided by specially trained staff.

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We strives to offer the best in ICSE and state board. Our Academics Details