Magnifique English School

Our Academics

We believe that life is not just about paper certificates. But, it is an individual's ability to perform in life that makes them successful.

Magnifique English School comprises of a Nursery School, Primary School and High School.

Creative methods in teaching are a part of the education system in Magnifique. Along with the academics, students participate in a large number of activities that comprises of debates, quiz competitions, environment awareness programs, essay competitions, personality development programs, spelling bee competitions, master chef events, school elections, science exhibitions, art and craft exhibitions etc., are few of the events that students are encouraged to participate. These activities and events enhance the confidence of the children to face life challenges in the future.

A very approachable management, friendly and encouraging teachers who constantly provide information to the parents about the performance of their children, make the parents and children feel that they are cared and encouraged to deliver their best, academically.

The school timings:`

Baby Nursery, LKG & UKG – 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
I standard to X standard – 9:00 AM – 3:15 PM

Nursery School

Children who are aged 2 years and 6 month and above as of 1st of June are eligible to seek admission for Baby Nursery, subsequently, children who are 3.6 and above are eligible for LKG and children who are 4.6 and above are eligible for UKG.

Nursery school play a very important role in every child's life, it creates a strong foundation for a child to excel academically at primary and high school levels, it also paves way for a child to socialize at a very tender age. Magnifique School provides an opportunity for the child to grow emotionally and physically through its various activities. The children play, learn and express under the supervision of trained and academically passionate teachers, the teachers at Magnifique inspire the little ones to become enthusiastic and lifelong learners. Our kindergarten experience provides the foundational skills for learning and thinking that enable children to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Primary School

Children who are 5.6 years and above as of 1st of June are eligible to seek admissions for 1st standard and children who are 6.6 years and above for 2nd standard and so on.

While primary schools place a strong emphasis on academics, they also emphasise skill-based activities to help children improve their social skills and participation abilities. Primary education not only focuses on reading and writing, but also stresses upon the need of proper cleanliness and nutrition. Magnifique school creates opportunities for the students to evolve in a supportive environment. The school also offers holistic academic tools, resources and modules exclusively aimed at developing the fundamentals of the students. Students are taught the value of honesty, integrity, discipline and respect for others through moral science classes.

The constantly encouraging management and the team of teachers support the students in every possible manner, to build their confidence levels. We take great pleasure and pride in seeing our children explore, experience, and grow into individuals with limitless potential.

High School

Highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers of Magnifique English School ensure that students are prepared for the academic challenges that await them. Students participate in debates, quiz, cleanliness drives, science exhibitions, environment awareness programs and an array of activities that develop confidence and leadership skills among the students.

We emphasise on transforming our students into independent thinkers, equipped with exceptional problem solving skills. Personality development programs, career guidance programs are a part of the education system at Magnifique.


Magnifique English School, develops a social and academic climate that gives students a strong feeling of belonging; students feel proud of their school, feel they belong; feel they are wanted and nurtured by the school. The school pays special attention to the needs of students with learning difficulties through sustained attention provided by specially trained staff.

1. We provide a supportive, secure and stimulating environment for the children.

2. Every teacher goes above and beyond the classroom to channelizes the student's energy.

3. The classrooms at Magnifique have students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm and energy.

We believe that life is not just about paper certificates. But, it is an individual's ability to perform in life that makes them successful. Hence, we encourage them to master life skills.